Terms and Conditions

Battle of Heroes and Western Warlords: Conditions of Entry

1. Decisions: The Event Director, shall have sole management of the event, and their decisions are final.

2. Divisions – Players are ranked in order and there will be four ordered groups based on players who enter. There will be a round robin of players within the group, with 7 to 9 games guaranteed. 


3. Unrated players: Please message the Event Director before purchasing a ticket for Unrated Players. (Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli: 0422895837)

4. Equipment – White Plastic ITTF approved 40+ balls shall be used

5. Game Rules: ITTF Rules will apply to clothing, rackets, gluing, equipment, and control of the Event generally. Any query of the legality or acceptability of playing attire shall be decided by the Event Director. Gluing is not permitted within the stadium. The main colour of the clothing shall not be WHITE. Tracksuits are not to be worn without the permission of the referee

6. Self Umpiring: Due to the number of games, continuous play and time restrictions, all games will be self-umpired.

7. Refusal of Entry - The Event Director reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse entry into the Event by any player. If the Event Director exercises this option, it will notify the player accordingly and refund any monies paid.

8. Event Format - All matches are the best of 5 games.

9. Rescheduling Events: Events start strictly at 9am.

10. Cancelling Events: The (Event) Event Committee, in conjunction with the Event Director, shall have the power to cancel any event which attracts insufficient entries and to vary any conditions as it may deem necessary. Players entering an event that is cancelled, or for which they are not eligible, will be placed in an alternative event if one is suitable.  

11. Injury: No claim will be recognized by SNDTTA should any player receive any injury during the playing of this Event. There is insurance held by Table Tennis NSW which may cover injury for those who are TT NSW members (at any level of membership) in some circumstances. All entrants compete at their own risk.

12. LATE ENTRIES: Acceptance of late entries is at the discretion of the Event Director.

13. Warmup: A maximum 2-minute hit-up is allowed prior to the commencement of a match.

14. Ready to Play: Any player not ready to play when called may be disqualified by the Event Director.

15. Tied Players: Any tied players for the podium will be ordered according to ITTF rules.

16. Player Details: Players consent to displaying their full name, RC ID and RC score in the player list for Heroes and Warlords events.

The submission of the Entry Form on Jotform or participation in these events is deemed as acceptance of these Conditions of Entry to the Event.

Thank-you for your enthusiasm!!!