Battle of Heroes - Tickets

Players are ranked in descending order based on Ratings Central Score and placed in ordered groups. There will be a round robin of players within the group.  7 to 9 games are guaranteed per player.

All Singles Scores Will be updated to Ratings Central.

Max RC 1550.

Medals for 1st and 2nd in each group. 

Tickets are by booking, subject to availability. Tickets can be booked in advance. Pay the entry price of $20 on the day.

Current Round Robin Tournament (Most Upcoming):

Booking is only by form below. Book now. Pay Cash on the Day.

See ticket entry form for Date

On weekends where there is no Battle of Heroes , War of Legends will occur on the Sunday of that weekend. (

If SOLD OUT, please Whatsapp +61422895837 (Tournament Dirrector: Dr Mithilesh Dronavalli)